December 7, 2011
5 Albums of 2011

Top 5? No, not based on any kind of science or authority, but these are five albums my neighbors got sick of hearing through the walls.* 

1. Cold War Kids - Mine is Yours
2. Motopony - Motopony
3. St. Vincent - Strange Mercy
4. Florence + the Machine - Ceremonials
5. Gotye - Making Mirrors (well, really, I was playing the first half of this one and the first half of Like Drawing Blood from 2006, making a whole album we can call Like Making Blood or Drawing Mirrors)
Honorable Mention: Beyonce - 4 and Rihanna’s single, You Da One. 

Sometimes I try to participate in the Internet of the People instead of posting fiction my mom reads and worries is autobiographical.

* Got sick of hearing me sing. In the case of Beyonce, shout-sing.

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